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Best Blog and Pictures of the Week 2017

We need your votes! We have two amazing (albeit currently top secret) prizes available – one for the author of the best blog post of 2017, and one for the photographer/artist of the best Pictures of the Week 2017!

Below are the top 10 in both categories! Sit back, have a cup of tea, and be whisked away by the brilliant words, photos and art that our wonderful A Focus On Nature members have brought to you throughout 2017!

The committee have voted to choose their favourite posts for the shortlists (excluding any posts written by a committee member of course!).

And now it is your turn to vote! Please look through the shortlists below to pick your favourite blog and Pictures of the Week. You may only vote for one post in each category, you may only vote once and you cannot vote for yourself.

To cast your vote, e-mail afonmembers@hotmail.com with the subject title of ‘Voting’, and include your e-mail, your name, your age and your favourite blog and Pictures of the Week in the main email. Feel free to write a few words about why it is your favourite! Please do NOT comment on this post with your vote, as it is meant to be anonymous.

Best blog finalists (both lists are arranged in alphabetical order by surname):

Jack Barton: A Month of Moth Madness

Jack Bedford: The Great Heath Project: Conserving a Landscape

Connel Bradwell: Never Underestimate the Importance of Local Conservation in Inspiring the Next Generation of Nature Lovers

Becca Campbell: Book Review: The Way of the Hare by Marianne Taylor

Olivia Frost: ‘The Lady of the Lakes’ – A conservation story to empower women

Daniel Johnson: “A Change is Gonna Come”

Brittany Maxted: Reinstating the Locals

Gordon Smith: The Urban Jungle

Molly Toal: Want To Generate Support For Conservation? Let Kids Play Outside!

Rosslyn Watret: My Blue Planet

Best Picture of the Week finalists (only the cover image of each feature is displayed – click on the finalist’s name to see all of their pictures!):

Mya Bambrick:

Apithanny Bourne:

Catherine Bullen:

Billy Clapham:

Ester de Roij:

Rebecca Gibson:

Matthew Lissimore:

Teddy Walliker:

Oona Ylinen:

Katie Zurakovsky:

DEADLINE FOR VOTING: Midnight Sunday 11th February.