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Book Review: Winter Birds by Lars Jonsson

Flicking through this book when it arrived on my doorstep I was immediately impressed by the incredibly beautiful illustrations. Jonsson’s illustrations, a combination of sketch and soft watercolours, are skilfully artistic while maintaining an impressive amount of accuracy and detail. This should be no surprise given the author’s vast experience in producing illustrations over a long career. His images do a wonderful job of capturing the essence of each bird species and conveying the cold wintery surroundings and landscapes. [Read More]

A Focus On Nature

New Nature: January 2018

For those of you unfamiliar with New Nature, we are a natural history e-magazine dedicated to bringing the thoughts and views of young naturalists to the forefront of public consciousness. Providing environmentalists under the age of thirty with an outlet for their talents and a publication in which they can discuss everything from conservation and topical environmental issues to ecology, education, local wildlife and photography. Basically, anything which interests them on a personal level. Launched in January 2017, it has now been a full year since the publication of our first issue and, as you will soon see, things haven’t exactly slowed down. [Read More]

A Focus On Nature

BTO Conference 2017

Did you know that brent geese often hang around with the same ‘friends’? Or that golden eagles hunt buzzards in the Hebrides? How about that Manx shearwaters lay eggs that are 15% of their body mass? That would be like a human giving birth to a baby the size of a 4 year old! These intriguing facts didn’t come from a bird guide or nature documentary, but from one of the hottest events in the birdwatching calendar – the BTO Conference. Back in December, I joined the flock of enthusiastic birders, scientists and conservationists attending the weekend to find out exactly why the BTO remains one of the most important nature NGOs in the country. [Read More]