A Focus On Nature

A Focus On Nature

New Year’s Resolutions

Happy New Year

We have put together a selection of New Year’s Resolutions penned by some of our members: they range from personal ambitions to wider aims for nature conservation, so keep reading to see what the next generation of naturalists are looking forward to in the coming year! 

Evie Miller – 13 – Derbyshire

Try to encourage my friends to get more interested in nature, and also help them to understand and care for nature, too.

Hope that the government changes its mind about the fact that badgers are all to blame for, and continue join campaigns and protests to stop the Badger Cull from going ahead.

In my ringing lessons gain more knowledge on different species, try and get my ringing count up (ring many more different species).

Take part in more birdwatching, and learn how to identify different species faster (e.g. in flight and by song/call).

Findlay Wilde – 11 – Cheshire

My New Years resolution for wildlife is that it will finally get the respect it deserves, and that people will get a much deeper or actual understanding of what nature has to offer and why it should be protected. I think this will help nature as it can hopefully be included more in education in schools if perhaps the likes of Owen Paterson and Michael Gove start to listen to me and people like me. My personal New Years resolution is to tackle my local MP Stephen O’Brien about protecting our wildlife.

Abby Miller – 11 – Derbyshire

Get other people more interested in wildlife and help to possibly educate them on it

Do as much as I can to stop global warming and get other people to do the same

Tell many people about the persecution of birds of prey to help save these great birds, hoping people will support their conservation.

Peter Cooper – 19 – Hampshire/Cornwall

My new years resolutions? To think up big, controversial pieces for my blogs that will make people stop and think about what’s actually been done right or wrong in nature conservation. It’s about time we turned into a new era for it, so here’s me playing my part. Meanwhile in the field, find more evidence of the elusive pine martens living wild in the New Forest and catch a pseudoscorpion in one of my rummages through the leaf litter!

Susan Jones – 24 – Bangor

To quit retail work and get a job in the conservation field.

Jack Perks – Nottinghamshire

Get more images of birds and a few underwater!

A Focus On Nature

To continue to grow our network of young nature conservationists

To offer at least two internships to two lucky members on the Isles of Scilly, in conjunction with the Wildlife Trust

To find new ways of encouraging members to make their own careers and support their businesses

To unleash the political power of our members through a professional and innovative conference – A Vision for Nature

To allow our members to meet, work together and learn new skills through workshops in ecology, ornithology and photography

To run more smaller projects, including on the Somerset Levels and in the North West

To continue to offer fantastic prizes, including Opticron Binoculars, books from WildSounds and some top Conference tickets, as well as Apps and thanks to our new sponsor, PhoneSkope adapters

To successfully run our first annual University Birdwatch Challenge

Have I forgotten anything…? Probably.