A Focus On Nature

A Focus On Nature

Environmental Awareness Day – Thea Powell

Thanks to the hard work of our member, Thea Powell, we are able to offer one member the chance to add a significant event to their CV, demonstrate their excellent organisational, planning and creative skills, interact with up to 60 pupils (aged 13 and 14) and get paid for their efforts, too.

On the 15th of November, Thea Powell will be speaking and hosting a training event for roughly 60 year nine students at Brunel University’s Uxbridge Campus.

This is for Brunel University’s “Urban Scholar Programme – Environmental Awareness Day”, which is  organised by a teacher from one of the schools attending.

In the second half of the day (11.30am till 2.30pm, including lunch), there are two sessions. Each interactive session with students is repeated, so two groups will have taken part in both.

Workshop B is to focus around A Focus On Nature, and the working title is:
The UK Environment, the work of AFON: A Focus On Nature.

We need someone from A Focus On Nature to represent the organisation and plan and deliver a creative session to raise environmental awareness amongst the next generation. There is a lot of flexibility to work with the children within the topic of ‘Environmental Awareness’ in any interactive way (promoting the work of A focys On Nature, it’s associated partners and projects). This work is with school children from urban backgrounds, mostly from schools in ‘disadvantaged’ areas. Applicants must have some experience in public speaking/public interaction, and must be willing to present an outline of the presentation/workshop (including all slides and handouts) by 5th of November for review. The speaker will be representing A Focus On Nature, so it is imperative that you familiarise yourself with our work, funding, projects and so forth.

You will get paid a stipend of £100 (donated by the event) for your efforts (upon completion). This is to help cover your expenses on the day, and any remaining funds go straight to you. Thea has also arrange for £100 to go towards A Focus On Nature, too!

Deadline for applications : 17th of October

To apply: Please outline , on maximum one side of A4 , how your experience and skills would allow you to perform well at this event – specifically within the context of an interactive session and to specifically this audience. Outline what you would hope to do within the time, how you would prepare (and therefore what materials AFON would need to review before the day), any associated logistics, etc. Email Thea at tpowell124@gmail.com with “USP – Environmental Awareness Day” in the subject heading to submit your ideas.

Introductions & housekeeping
Guest Speaker, Thea Powell


Group A with workshop A
Group B with workshop B.

12.30 – Lunch


Group A with workshop B .
Group B with workshop A.

2.30pm – Close

Further information: Thea will be available to guide and help students in your session roughly a third of the time, intermittently. There will be one other teacher working with each group throughout the day, and there may be funding for limited printing. If you need a projector and other resources, please say so in your application.

Any questions:  Email Thea at tpowell124@gmail.com with “USP – Environmental Awareness Day” in the subject heading.