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The Nature of Youth

“I am anxious for you and the boy’s future – make the boy interested in natural history if you can, it is better than games, they encourage at some schools – I know you will keep him out in the open air.” – Captain Falcon Scott to his wife, 29th March 2012

This weekend at the BTO 79th Annual Conference I had the privilege of meeting some exceptional individuals, including Kane Brides, Gillian Dinsmore, Chris Bridges and Alex Rhodes. All were dynamic and engaging, and all had a story to tell. They were excellently received with much applause and nods of agreement, as they highlighted their experiences as young people in the world of nature conservation.

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Nature Reserves

BTO 79th Annual Conference

The Hayes Conference Centre in Swanwick, Derbyshire, was this weekend transformed into a delectable mishmash of innovative ideas, dynamic discussion and inspirational individuals, all brought together in the BTO 79th Annual Conference. The talks were interesting and informative, the company was witty and intellectual (I exclude myself here – I was slurred to say the least), the wine was fine and the whisky flowing in copious quantities.

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