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2016 has been a big year for nature and a big year for A Focus on Nature. We published our landmark Vision for Nature report setting out young people’s vision for the future of nature and wildlife in the UK.

This report contained hundreds of young people’s hopes for the future and some of the steps they thought would be needed to get there. But, if we want this vision to become a reality, then there’s no time to lose. Politicians, NGOs and businesses can join with young people right now to help wildlife. Young people are already leading the way.

2016 was a big year for other reasons too: the State of Nature partnership published the second State of Nature report, detailing the severe declines in wildlife in the UK in recent decades; and Brexit threw the future of laws and funding for conservation into question.

Globally too, the threats to nature have never been greater, with many now officially considering that we are entering the sixth mass extinction event in Earth’s history.

A Focus on Nature’s new campaign, launched today, sets out how young people are already leading by example. Over the coming months, Now for Nature will highlight the best examples of young people already working to bring our existing Vision for Nature to life.

But, unlike Vision for Nature, we won’t be restricting this project to the UK. Saving nature is going to require global effort. It’s thrilling that around the world right now groups of young and emerging leaders are springing up and taking action for wildlife’s future.

We’re proud to have made friends in recent months with AcroTerra in Mexico, CoalitionWILD in the USA and Emerging Leaders for Biodiversity in Canada. We hope we’ll be making many more friends over the coming months.

So look out for #NowforNature on our Twitter, Facebook, blog and our brand new account on Instagram. And if you have or know of an amazing project run by a young person or people that’s helping to secure nature’s future right now, tell us. We want to show those with the power to make decisions that young people are leading by example.

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