A Focus On Nature

A Vision For Nature

The end of the series, but our work continues

Welcome to the overview of our Vision for Nature series. Over the last month and a half, AFON members have shared their own Visions for Nature: what they want the natural world to look like by 2050 and how they want to get there. We have created a hashtag on Twitter so why not join the conversation? What’s your #VisionforNature?

Our Vision for Nature series has drawn to a close, but what a ride it has been. It was originally just going to be in the run up to the general election, but we had to continue as more posts kept arriving in my e-mail inbox. Near to 50 members have contributed to the series, and I know that a number more would have liked to contribute if it hadn’t been exam time or if they were more confident.

I would like to take this opportunity to thank everyone who has been involved in and/or supporting the series, and to the AFON committee for asking me to co-ordinate the series. It has been absolutely thrilling and inspiring, and I feel more confident about the future – although now aware of even more problems too.

I have listed all of the Vision for Nature blog posts below, in published order. Please do take the time to read through them, and share them with friends, family and acquaintances. Better yet, think upon how you want the natural world to look in 2050 and how we could get there. And of course, begin (or continue) to act accordingly!

– Megan Shersby, Co-ordinator of the Vision for Nature series